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We have never been in the slums more than we have the past three weeks.  Not only is it a bit of a journey so visit the children we work with, but it is emotionally exhausting seeing them live in some of the tough situations that they must face.  But nonetheless the rewards are much more invigorating.  To see kids with very little have joy just because they see someone that doesn’t have to care for them but does anyway is priceless.  It is so important for us to visit these kids where they live, in addition to our projects that they come to once a week.

We are all moved by the stories that come out of one of our communities, Samut Prakarn.  Many of our kids that live there are Cambodian and many have stories that are more than memorable.  One of our kids had his cousin just come from Cambodia because her mother and father had died.  No one knows what is going through a ten year olds head but her face showed complete despair.  To see someone who has had their life, as they know it, torn from them and transform right in front of you because of individual attention is amazing.  She started to smile and then she couldn’t stop it.  Her head was shaved in mourning for losing her parents but the joy she now possessed made her love having pictures taken of her, beautiful.

Weeks have passed and more visits have been made and Nak Suu Saturdays have come and things change but that smile remains the same, unwavering, an example of a life Transformed.  We only have this program as a platform to build relationships with children and it is amazing to see how God is working through us and using us.

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