Health Care

During a routine community visit, we came across a non-responsive baby. After asking a number of questions and chatting with the family, we discovered that the baby is quite malnourished. We began to chat with other families and started to notice certain trends and factors that indicate a large population of our children under 12 are significantly under the growth margins for their age. Selection of target group commenced early 2014.

We have since received milk donations and had a healthcare worker volunteer for 3 months to help us trial a supplement program that will be educational in nature to empower families to care for their children.

Our volunteers met with the families each week and discussed nutritional importance, weighed and monitored the children, and the families created food diaries (the illiterate parents creatively recording with hand drawn pictures the foods their family had been eating). Each week the families were given milk supplement drinks for their children.

Live Life is a nutrition program aimed at teaching communities or school groups the importance of nutrition. It encompasses games, basic healthcare teaching and practice, discipleship times, snacks, and fellowship . The children who participate usually are between the ages of five and nine years of age.

A major concern that presents itself in slum communities is the issue of healthcare and nutrition.  Live Life works to increase awareness and knowledge of basic nutrition and personal hygiene techniques.  Through activities, teachings, and weekly interaction, the children are educated about the importance of good health and simple ways that they can implement the lessons in daily life.

ARK believes that regular mentorship and repetition are keys in affecting lives and attitudes therefore, Live Life maintains the same general format and structure each week. In focusing continually on healthcare and regular mentorship we hope to permanently positively impact the character and lifestyles of the children we are privileged to reach.

We do not at this time have a permanent program leader for Live Life. When visiting teams or individual volunteers come, we are able to facilitate the running of this program in the community.


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