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Energy and Excitement are the only two words to truly describe what happened this past Saturday.  It was amazing to see how much excitement these children had because they had a chance to get out of the rather hopeless environment that they live in of poverty and neglect and get into an area where they are truly cared about because of the love of God.  The kids were so excited to play rugby it gives me even more passion and excitement to see what else God has in store for them.

We had 50 plus Children from 4 slums of Bangkok and a boy’s orphanage.  We split the kids into two groups and while one group did discipleship the other was on the field running around playing rugby.  I am sure that the world could be powered by then energy of one excited child.  The place was alive with children laughing and running around with uncontrollable smiles.

In discipleship we spoke about how Christ was the light of the world and even in the darkness that is around them they have light because of God.  Discipleship takes a long time especially with children who don’t know anything about God but the little bit of light that they got this week will change their lives.  Changing lives one Child at a time that is what it is all about.

Please partner with us in praying the God continues to open doors so that more and more children can come out on Saturday.  Pray that the word gets out about the Nak Suu Tigers and that God becomes famous.  Please pray for continued safety as the political unrest continues here in Bangkok.  Something that has truly been on our hearts is that the children’s hearts be extremely soft to God speaking to them.  This week we are talking about how God knows everything pray that they have peace in knowing that God knows them and knows what they need!


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